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White Lemon marijuana strain is a balanced cannabis strain. This strain was created locally by FUSION SEED COWhite Lemon marijuana strain produces monstrous buds of up to 900 g/m2. The strain can be used for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. White Lemon nuggs are long, caked with resin and a layer of hairs

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White lemon is a cross between the legendary White widow and HSO Lemon Garlic. Flavors and scents like no other you've came across before. Not a strain for the faint at heart as can reach THC levels exceeding 22%.  

Although, one must beware of the high THC-levels which might debilitate one’s everyday functionality; your Nana will “know”, man. If one’s into heavy ganja highs, this advice may be ignored. Alright, let’s get into the growth of White Lemon.

The flowering period spans between 8-9 weeks and the bountiful yields are bountiful. An abundance of lemony nugs overflow the ganja gardens with trichome sprinkled flowers. This medium-sized plant satisfies many ganja enthusiasts out there, looking for something dank, looking for something special.

THC LEVEL: 22% +


YIELD: Med-High