Terms and conditions of use


100% Garentee seeds must be soaked in a cup of water 24 hrs before being placed in meduiem. 


Although feminized seeds are 98% female there is a 2% chance they could turn out male or hermi. Growers responciblity to ensure there crop.


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We can only ship max of 30 seed to each address unless you have your medical licence or wish to become a distributer for Fusion Seeds Canada .If wish to have your account upgraded above (30) per order please contact us with below information. 

Email us your medical licence. 

Resellers must fill out a Distrabution Form. 


We do not condone any criminal behavior. We wish to follow all Canadian laws dispite how vagley they are written or interpted. Main goal of Fusion Seeds Canada is to provide access to quality strains at an affordable price to the average citizen. 

Strain Submition

We encourage Canadian breeders/Growers to summit there best strains/genedtics to pass along to next person as well as earn "credits" redeemable for store credit or gift cards.