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F. A. Q's

Q. What is Android TV?
A. Android TV is a device that turns your TV into a Smart TV and can stream everything from over the internet. From Movies to TV shows to internet radio to socializing with friends on facebook, Android TV units pretty well do it all.

Q. Is there Subscriptions, hidden, or membership fees?
A. No, Everything that is programmed on an Android TV is free to use. However there are Premium services like netflix, or IPTV subscriptions we have no control on their fees for services if you choose to use them.

Although we do provide our services for free we ask if you like our services. Please donate a few $$ every year for server fees, maintance and programming to help keep things running.

Q. Can I get (your channel here) on Android TV.
A. There are 100s of live TV streams available for free. If there is not the channel your looking for then you may have to subscribe to an IPTV service to require the channels you want. We can only help you with the setup and subscription process.

Q. How fast of internet do I need?
A. You can run Android TV on as low as 5 Mbps. You may experience some buffing issues with free live streams and 1080p HD content. WiFi conections will require a bit higher speeds and can be effected by radio signals and other users on the network.
It is best to hardwire the android unit to your router whenever possible.

Q. Can I use this at my cottage / trailer or friends / family's house?
A. Yes you can take this with you anywhere in your travels works worldwide as long as there is a internet connection you can get Android TV.

Q. Is there a cost for Updates, Maintance, Reloads?
A. No. The units have a built in wizard that will allow you to update your unit from the comfort of your own home. Updates are applied to our server, Our news feed lets you know to run the updates or whats new. You just run your wizard to install them on your unit. Simple as pie, your unit never gets out dated or missing important software.
If the unit has to be manually fix by one of our techs, then yes there is a small 25$ fee for reloading the software.
Eg. User factory resets unit, then would have to be manually re-programmed again.

Q. Do you offer support if i get stuck?
A. Yes, Android Devices are pretty hardy and dont cause very many problems, however from time to time things do happen. We are always here for one of our customers, we will help you threw whatever problem arises. Unfortunately we can only offer support for our boxes, purchased threw us.

We have a great Facebook Page with lots of tips and helpful walkthrews on how to customize your device. Feel free to join us and dont forget to leave a comment letting us know how you like the box.

A. Help us out with our faq, if you think we missed one send us a msg. Thx & Happy Streaming.

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